How to share your contents with friends

  1. Go to  
  2. Login using your Facebook or Google email and password.  
  3. Or register as a new user.  
  4. Click button INBOX  or  MY INBOX  
  5. Click button STORE  
  6. Click any category for your contents  
  7. Write brief detail of your submission in the visible box  
    You may find attractive contents  from search engine...  
    “On your birthday we wish for you that whatever you want most in life it comes to you just the way you imagined it or better. Happy birthday!”  
  8. In the next box paste code for any picture or movie.  
    Paste embed code for picture/movie from other sites like:  
    Search desired images using Google Search or from any internet source.  
    Right click your mouse on image. Click to copy image location. Click in the box area. Right click your mouse and click paste.  
  9. When you will click SUBMIT button, you will see the linked image or movie etc.  
  10. Click NEXT button  
  11. Your contents will be sent to your INBOX  
  12. Click button ( Share with friends ) to see your content page  
  13. Click any 'share button'  to share your content page with friends  
  14. Your friends can share your Quick Ad page with any one  
    Please Note  
    Do not link any copyright contents in case you will like to share with friends  
    As per our disclaimer notice, you will be responsible for your submissions.  
    Your Email link will be shown below your Ad to let people contact you for any clarification.  
    People can login from your Quick Ad page to send you any response to your INBOX and you can also revert back.  
    People may re-submit your Ad to their contacts.  
    In case you will delete the original contents of Quick Ad page from your INBOX, the contents of Quick Ad page will get erased.  
    Similarly, you can create a Quick Ad page for classified Ads as explained in other sections of this site.  


Other sections of this site are as under:


     My favorite Links   

       ( )

    Have your page similar to
with the following options:
  1. Store interested web site links by using option:
Write URL of any Web Page - and click Up Load

Copy and paste any URL address  from your browser's address bar.
  2. Click on of any URL link to add brief note.  
  3. Insert desired marker:
Select check boxes and click any marker
( Example:                    )
  4. Shift links to top or bottom:
Select check boxes and click    or
  5. Shift links at the location of any S.No:

Select check boxes and click desired S.No.

  6. Delete links:
Select check boxes and click on  
  7. Filter links for any particular marker by clicking  
  8. Revert to normal display  by clicking  
  9. Click SEARCH button to filter links containing any text.  
  10. SEARCH button will also show list of markers used. Click marker to view links for that marker.  

    Ad list  

      ( )

    Displays matrimonial or classified ads submitted by members.  
    For classified ads members can post ads as a Provider or  Seeker.  
    For matrimonial ads members can post ads as a Male or Female.  
    Click button  for matrimonial ads

and button    for classified ads.

    There is no limit to No of ads to be submitted by a user.  
    There is an additional feature for matrimonial bureaus to expand their business:  
1.   In case a user has submitted any classified Ad under category Matrimonial Services/Bureaus, all matrimonial ads by that user will also get listed under the bureau name.
2.   A unique home page gets created for a Classified Ad for Matrimonial Services/Bureaus. The home page can be viewed by link

3,   Since the matrimonial bureaus will provide their own contact address at the displayed data, the respondents will have to approach them.
4.   This will help thousands of isolated matrimonial bureaus, who don't have their websites, to get proposals from all over the world.
5.   Now a days, matrimonial bureaus, who maintain hard signed copy of their clients data, are more trustworthy as compared to many matrimonial sites where possibility of fake data is extreme.
    Every Ad will require an appropriate image, movie link or suitable embed code. User can link these from external sources as per the disclaimer terms of this site. User can also upload images at this site.  
    To display an Ad at Ad list, first a draft Ad is to be created.  
    From the Ad list any member can send a response to the advertiser.  
    The response will go to adviser's Inbox.  
    Every member has their own Inbox to receive messages.  
    Both parties can exchanging messages to finalize deal.  
    How to display an Ad and get MyQuickAd link ?  
    > Go to INBOX

> create DRAFT Ad

> go to AD-SECTION

> click SUBMIT-AD

Once the Ad is approved, MyQuickAd link will appear on the copy of Ad at INBOX

You can share the link of MyQuickAd on:


     Set Alert

    You can set alert for any interested Ads by other members.   
    You will get a copy of an Ad in your inbox, based on your alert settings whenever other members are posting their Ad details at the Ad list.  

     Inbox Collections   

     ( )

    Inbox Collections is an area similar to email inbox.  
    You will receive messages from other members.  
    You can respond back to other members inbox.  
    You can also insert links to your own inbox. Here you will see live mini display of  your links to help you recall what you had stored. Tag  any external link to sites, movies, images or embed codes form various sites.  
    Create your Draft Ad here before it is transferred for public display.  
    Your copy of approved Ad will display

Your Quick Ad Link.

Click that link to display your Quick Ad page.

Click the Example buttons:

You can promote URL address of your Ad page on other social media sites or even promote it on Google AdWords etc. People can send messages to your Inbox from your Quick Ad page.

    A glimpse of Inbox Collections:  
    Between to friends  
    The copy of an Ad posted to common list.  
    For my personal collection  
    This is how you can link any image from web in your inbox  
    For your Inbox, for personal view only, link contents from any location of the web.  
     For public view, code or images are allowed from following sites only :  
    flickr, youtube , twitter, tumblr, instagram, imgur, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, reddit, skyrock, photobucket, Google Photos, Google Maps  
    Or upload any image to this site. ( this will require admin approval)